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    When I start my boat the tach goes up to 3400 rpm's and doesnt move. When the boat isnt running the the tach is at 0. Any help would be appreciative. thanks guys,396

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    I would make sure the wire is connected to the negative (-) lead of your coil and if that doesnt work you need to buy a new one, not a big deal, good ones are like $60-$80

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    spectras only
    Check the dial for warpage,that stops the needle from moving.Many gauges use plastic dials that raised by heat from the sun and stops the needle at various points.If the dial is straight, there could be some metal shaving on the metercoil magnet that stops the coil to move past that point.Some gauges could be dismantled to remove these shaving with a tweezer,some are reamed for life and time to replace the unit.Was the gauge accurate before and just started acting up ????
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    Thanks guys for the input. I just bought the boat and I think it sat in the sun for a while.I will check the tach wires tomorrow and I will probably will replace all the wires to see if it works. If it doesnt I will put the new one out of my boat in and check there. Thanks again,396

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