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Thread: checking outdrive

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    I am looking at a boat I want to pick up for fishing....Its a searay in real good shape except for a froze there a way to check the outdrive to make sure it is good without the ability to start it? its a mercruiser outdrive.....thanks, Don

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    Check the oil first. remove top bearing cap. check inside.These bearings and gears go first.

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    I know nothing about these outdrives except that I use to have an omc and the tilt motor went bad all the that top bearing cap obvious where it ai? Thanks, Don

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    even tho the motor is froze, you should be able to shift the the control handle to forward and reverse,and spin the prop til it locks in each gear, and yyou can do this with the motor not running, ,take the coweling off the motor and watch to see if all is moving the way it should,if the drive unit has been setting in the up postion for a long time you might want to lower it for awhile to see if you have any leaks in the carrier seal,thats the one behind the prop,also you will be able to see if the shift shaft seal is leaking as well
    if you have any question feel free to email me,
    good luck!

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