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Thread: Rockfest Update--The promoter talks

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    Rockfest promoter: All OK
    Monday, October 23, 2006 11:13 PM MDT
    Reports of nonpayment to bands and suppliers at Lake Havasu Rockfest have the promoter seeing red.
    Ron Paterson, BKR Productions managing director, said new reports of bounced checks and nonpayments are inaccurate.
    “I still have receivables of $75,000 outstanding, we have paid more than are still due, and we're not two weeks over. How can anyone say anything is late?” he said.
    The inaugural Lake Havasu Rockfest took place at Windsor Beach at Lake Havasu State Park Oct. 6-9. The three-day music and motorcycle festival featured the Doobie Brothers., Cheap Trick, Black Crowes, Blues Traveler and Buckcherry along with a motorcycle show and custom bike build-off.
    Dave Frey with Silent Partner Management, management for Cheap Trick and Blues Traveler said, “We have received half the money through our booking agency, which they paid up front. We will be taking action shortly. There has been no contact with the promoter.”
    However, Paterson said he has been in contact with the groups' booking agents and explained that checks weren't immediately forthcoming because of more than $200,000 worth of theft at the event.
    “Admittedly, the only people that could be angry with me are a couple of bands that I stopped checks so I wouldn't bounce them, because of all the theft. I called them immediately to let them know and I just got off the phone with the president of the agency,” said Paterson.
    Paterson points to the full pre-event payments of more than $20,000 to Lake Havasu City for street, parking and public safety services, $113,000 to LB Productions Center and R&R Sound for the stage and sound systems and $60,000 for hotels as proof he is not seeking to defraud anyone.
    Lake Havasu City Police is investigating five separate complaints of checks and promises to pay but not paid. The reports total in excess of $200,000 and police expect another $33,000 complaint to be reported today.
    “The issue we have to investigate is whether this is a civil issue or criminal,” said Lt. Joe Fiumara. “We will be working with the Mohave County Attorney's Office very closely on this.”
    The investigation comes as a surprise to the promoter, who said the only investigations he is aware of are those he initiated concerning theft and ticket counterfeiting at the music festival.
    “I've been a Havasu-goer since I was 3. I hate to see this for the city,” said John Esposito, who said he has not received the $10,000 prize money promised for winning the biker build-off at the Rockfest event. “I have not filed a complaint. I'm hoping to do this without criminal charges.”
    “We had four bike builders at this event. How do you pay $10,000 for something that didn't really happen?” said Paterson. “We gave away 15 tickets to each team and they paid a $100 entry fee. The fees were to cover the prize.”
    He also said he is disputing the amount owed to the firm that provided security services for not providing the full complement of staff and equipment for which he contracted. But charities promised funds would be receiving them, Paterson said.
    “I have not had a chance to do charities yet but they are not being missed,” Paterson said. “The Tinnell Memorial Committee was the only one there though. We had tents there for the other charities but they never showed.”
    The Tinnell Memorial Committee raised more than $2,000 through raffle ticket sales for autographed guitars. They turned the money over to the promoter. Paterson said he also assisted the group by bringing them to the bands to autograph T-shirts to be used as fundraisers at future events.
    Another charity that's involved with some confusion is Pop Warner Football. News reports said the event liquor license was drawn under the Pop Warner name are inaccurate, Paterson said.
    “I'm president of Pop Warner. I would do nothing to jeopardize Pop Warner,” Paterson said. “Under the license we pulled, we have to donate part of the liquor sale profits to a 501c3 (nonprofit charity) and Pop Warner is the beneficiary.”
    Paterson said he's received “tons of e-mails and letters” about how positive the event was, including “bands that want to come back.”
    “I just hope people see the positive side of what a great event this was and what an unfair deal the reporting has been,” Paterson said. “This event was one of the best things to have happen to Lake Havasu, a $1.2 million event with the majority paid up front. How can you can chastise someone for doing something right?”
    Paterson said he still plans to stage a blues and jazz festival in February and a country music festival later in spring 2007.
    You may reach the reporter at

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    wow i hope it all works out

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    Not So Fast
    For all the pre event hoopla I thought Havasu would be a zoo but in driving by the area a couple of times on Fri and Sat I would venture a guess that the guy lost his ass. The crowds were non existent although there were more LEO than customers, and city workers also, but no crowds. NSF

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    Hardly Satisfied
    that's crazy ,he better get things taken care of soon

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    I worked for Ron Paterson Prior to opening my Real Estate Firm.
    I 'll not going to judge him based on newspaper reports.
    He's a nice guy with big ideas. I hope it works out for him, our town and everyone concerned. I would love to see a jazz festival and a country one in the future so hopefully he can work this one out and get on the right tract. I'm sure there is a learning curve and maybe he made a few mistakes, so hopefully he will get things straightened out and Havasu can enjoy future events.

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    "However, Paterson said he has been in contact with the groups' booking agents and explained that checks weren't immediately forthcoming because of more than $200,000 worth of theft at the event."
    Has anyone seen an update on this story?? I wonder if Paterson reported the "200,000 worth of theft" to the police.
    I talked to a buddy of mine who's in the band "Iron Butterfly" (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida), and he says they always get paid in cash, before they go on stage.
    This Patterson guy sounds pretty suspicious.....
    Iron Butterfly Web Site (
    :boxed: :rollside:

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