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Thread: Who sells flow coat?

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    I need some flow coat can anyone tell me where they get it and maybe a ph # ?

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    Fiberglass Hawaii:
    Oahu: 1377 Colburn Street Honolulu - Ph: [808] 847 3951
    Maui: 246 Papa Place, Kahului- Ph: [808] 871 7955
    Santa Cruz: 1037 17th Avenue - Ph: [831] 476 7464
    Santa Barbara: 221 W. Montecito Street - Ph: [805] 963 1140
    Ask for a product called Duratec High Gloss Clear

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    Thanks much for the quick response you guys are always helpful

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    Rattle Can Lou
    Sher-Fab Unlimited
    14629 Carmenita Road
    Norwalk, CA.90650
    562 921 5206
    Flattie, I think the guys name is Paul that owns this place. Awsome help and very knowlegeable. I would use the Prestec Clear. I have put it in two boats and both have been used and still look great. You can also get the Prestec in Black Clear. The Prestec seems to be more forgiving than other products. If you have any questions please feel free to call.
    Mike 208 375 6328

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    Here's a couple places alittle bit closer that carries "Hawkeye Products"....Aka. Duratec Clear Top Coat PN# 904-045
    In Michigan
    12005 Toepfer Road
    Warren, MI 48089
    19795 E. Nine Mile Road
    St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

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    I have put it in two boats and both have been used and still look great. Pretty hard to F it up when being towed all the time!!!! :rollside:. As usual Sangster is right on. And has a place in your area.

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    sc fab 1
    how much of that duratec do you need to do a floor in a flattie?

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    sc fab 1
    what is the difference between prestec and duratec clears?

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    I used a whole gallon of Duratec for my deal.
    If you have any black, Used the Duratec high gloss black. DON'T USE PAINT!!!!!!!!!

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    Rattle Can Lou
    Shows what you know ass jack. The floor in the Wickens is original. No flowcoat....I don't even know why you chime in you windy bastard. You don't do floors, remember?

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