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Thread: Alpha @ Bravo Engine Couplers

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    Noticed my coupler had spun just a tad at one point over 9 years in the boat. Little tidbits of rubber were noticed. Not much and was never noticed until I pulled the bellhousing off. I want to replace it but was wondering if their are any heavy duty couplers out there for use with an Alpha and SBC combo? Will the larger and stronger Bravo coupler work under the SBC bellhousing? Seems from pics it might require a little modification to the bellhousing. I would like something more heavy duty than the stock coupler rated for 300HP as the motor will be pushing 450+.
    TIA Guys!

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    450hp+ Alpha drive = disaster

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    450hp+ Alpha drive = disaster
    I will acknowledge it is risky, but the current Alpha has been going strong since 1992. It's outlived 3 potent small blocks since 92. Next to last one was an AFR headed solid lifter that reved to 6500rpms with a 21P cleaver. If it was gonna pop it would have on that one I would think. Time will tell.

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    The Bravo coupler is stronger, no doubt. The problem is that it is designed to run at higher H.P.levels, so the coupling medium is set up to transmit the higher torque. This will increase the shock loads to the drive which will then expire very soon. Use a new alpha coupler, it will be less compliant than the old one and may kill the drive too. To try to keep the alpha alive,allow some prop slip(no 4 blade or large diameter props),and prop allow RPM rather than torque. The newer bellhousings (about 1994 or newer), will accept the bravo couplers, even if originally installed on an alpha. Good luck. TIMMINATOR

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    To try to keep the alpha alive,allow some prop slip(no 4 blade or large diameter props),and prop allow RPM rather than torque. TIMMINATOR
    Thank you very much for the reply. It's just what I was wanting to know.
    I've talked to a few shops TCM, Mercrusier and the Bravo Shop and all echoed the following statement. It's torque that will kill the Alpha not HP in most cases. I'm going to try my current Cleaver 23P and have Sonderblooms make me a 22P cleaver from a spare 23P I have lying around. I'm estimating the 23P will WOT at 5700rpms and the 22P around 6100rpms. Peak torque of the new motor should be around 5000 rpms.
    Thanks again.

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