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    hey my dad was surfing the internet this morning, and came across an ad that king shocks in garden grove is hiring for a few positions....i havent checked it out yet myself, but does anyone have history with employment with them? what do you guys think? im about to call and see if they have any entry level positions available....what are your thoughts? thanx,

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    All i know is that a few years back when I bought my Kings for my rail their shop was pretty dinky. Look like a ma & pop operation. Not saying that's bad, but just to give you idea.

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    Brian, Evo, on here runs Long Travel Rhino and is pretty right with Brett King. I'm sure he could fill you in.
    Give him a shout,

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    My buddy Jason and Bryan worked there. Its good work, but not much for a career (in there opinion).

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    One of the leading shock manufactures for the baja 1000. Have not heard too much negative things about there products. PM Ivan dan he knows a thing or too about off road racing.

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    You will learn alot and if that is important to you go for it. Ive spent plenty of time at King, its a small shop with quite a few guys working there. Busy place and fairly well set up.Family operated business if i remember correctly and they were all nice people.

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    right on guys, thanx for the info...ill call them tomarrow to check it out..might even drive down there.

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