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Thread: spark plug question

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    I'm building a 514 with ported 460 heads. They have the large diameter
    spark plug. Are there plenty of heat ranges to use in the large plug or have
    people been converting to the smaller plugs? if so is there a kit for this?
    What plugs are being run?
    pro's/cons let me know what you have done......thanks Eric

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    Duane HTP
    There is probably a large and a small plug that will work properly in your head. The large plugs get rid of more heat, and the small plugs are easier to work with.

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    UBFJ #454
    As Duane pointed out, the larger plugs will dissipate more heat out of the combustion chambers than will the smaller plugs ... note plugs have two (2) functions: Provide the appropriate spark & dissipate heat from the combustion chambers ... the cooler the chambers, the better (to a point). Generally speaking, for every heat range down of a plug, 75 to 100 degress more heat is dissipated from the combustion chamber.
    My guess is that there's a design reason for your heads being setup for larger plugs ...that reason being heat dissipation and how the combustion chambers perform overall.

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    thanks for the replys.....I have heard AR32 AR33? do these sound correct?

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    Have you looked into marine spark plugs?
    Some are designed for steel heads and others for aluminum.

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    thanks for the tip napabob.....E

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