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Thread: I didn't see this coming

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    As soon as I saw Ron Paterson's company "Arizona Loan Guy" as a title sponsor of the Rockfest I stayed far away from it, He is one of only two people that have stiffed me on a set of plans
    I really hope they find a nice jail cell for this guy
    from the E-press
    */Breaking News -- Exclusive
    /Top Bands Seeking Payment; Many others as well
    *LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ - The potential for a major black eye for Lake
    Havasu City is there. The first Lake Havasu City Rockfest, heavily
    promoted by local businessman Ron Paterson, is now the subject of major
    criminal investigations. TSN has learned numerous entities have not been
    paid at all or have had their checks bounce or stop payments applied.
    Complaints have come in from various sources, including event security
    personnel, various vendors and many of the rock bands themselves -
    including The Black Crowes, Cheap Trick, The Doobie Brothers, Live, and
    Slightly Stoopid. Those performers and others are owed substantial sums
    of money.
    One person complained directly to TSN. John Espinoza of Intense
    Creations, the $10,000 winner of the motorcycle build-off, says he
    wasn?t paid despite repeated attempts at getting a check from Paterson.
    Espinoza says Paterson ?doesn?t deserve? to have another Rockfest next year.
    Also, the liquor license at the event was put under the name of the Pop
    Warner Youth Football program and not under Paterson?s name, say several
    sources. The reasons are not detailed, but Paterson earlier said the
    organization would be receiving a percentage as a charity. It?s not
    understood why and it?s still not clear who was actually paid at all.
    Repeated attempts to reach Paterson on his private phone yesterday were
    not returned.
    Contacted by TSN, Lake Havasu City Police Chief Dan Doyle says ?several?
    criminal investigations are currently taking place. That number may
    possibly increase.
    Meanwhile, Paterson has publicly stated that 35,000 attended the
    Rockfest and yet thousands of tickets were counterfeited. The 35,000
    figure is disputed by most observers, who say a much lower number
    attended the event.
    Lake Havasu City itself may well receive bad publicity. One manager of a
    band that performed at Rockfest told TSN that management companies and
    agents tend to think of the city where the event took place in a
    negative way if they don?t receive their payment.
    TSN and e-Press will stay on top of this story. Companies or individuals
    should contact us via email at

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    This was posted earlier today and already has a litytle following

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