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    Well, my mail box is filled every day with some garbage about another crooked politico. All I want to do is do what the national concenses says, "kick the bums out" Problem is, I don't like anyone who is running, city, county, state or federal. Where is "non of the above"? Vote Yes on No. Every proposition says its going to save the taxpayers a lot of money. Anyone have a sound solution? When our government convicts and jails for 10 and 12 years, two border patrol agents for doing their job catching drug smugglers, won't secure our borders, seems to be fighting the wrong war, what can we do but elect another group of incompedent, ineffective do nothings. Is there any way you know of for not wasteing your vote? Please excuse grammar and spelling, this rant is the result of a glass of red wine with dinner...

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    I agree Burt. I think Rio's solution may be the only one that works at this point.
    government seems f**ked up at all levels. foreign policy, immigration, open borders, welfare... I better stop I'm getting pizzed. :cry:

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