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Thread: steering options

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    ok here's the hull it's a 21 v-drive raysoncraft. i'm at the point of which type of steering to use. a calgo set up or a twin cable rack and pinion. what set up should i use. i know the questions everybody might is how fast am i going to go, i don't know yet? motor is a 427 with aries pistons and aluminum rods, solid roller cam,alumunium heads, twin turbo with a single carb and a intercooler.turbo 400 trans, 8 degree strut.prop dont know yet. i have a 12x15 and a 11 1/2x 15. for starters. any input would be great.

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    throw that twin cable push pull crap in the trash calgo is the only why to go what gear you running and how much approx hp will you be making?

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    You'll find that Calgo or open chain and cable, pulley type steering will be much more responsive and positive in this type of boat. I wouldn't even consider rack and pinion like Morse type if you're starting from scratch, although there's lot of them out there running. They work ok but just are a bit sloppy compared to cable, pulley type steering.

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    isnt that what i said

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    isnt that what i said reinforcement sneed, reinforcement...

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    thats why i have stuck by you so many yrs lol

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    Must be an echo in here! Aluminum rods??? Duck there may be shrapenell!

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    low rpm eng should be fine

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    ok thanks for the info sounds like the calgo system is i'm going to go with.eek alumunim rods iknow but thats how i got the short block with atleast they ars new. thanks all.

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    I put the Seastar manual hydraulic steering on the Cougar. Helm, lines and 1 cylinder.
    It had the single Morse cable deal on it. Not safe enough at way over 100 MPH.
    Saves the rigging nightmare associated with the chain/cable deals. For my application anyway. No bulkhead within reach under the dash and tunnels to deal with on each side of the stringers.
    I would definately use the chain/cable setup if you are willing to install it.
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