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Thread: Racing videos of the aluminum type

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    Hello everyone,
    Here is a link to some of the things that happen up here in the northern part of the west coast on area rivers. and

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    Great video. I am a whitewater guide....our annual family trip is the main salmon just after laborday!!! I love that river. The rogue is great as well. 100mph and class IV rappids.....that is certainly a recipe for a good time!!!

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    That is some shitty ass water.
    I'll drop in somewhere else.

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    Phat Matt
    Welcome to the boards. Nice vids. So is the second guy a navigator, does he work the throttles, or is he there on a double dog dare?

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    Nice videos. Thanks for posting.

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    Thanks for the comments! The second person whether it be male or female is a naviagator.There job is to watch the guages and look out for hazards,IE(big logs, rocks,or whatever else is floating in the water at that time.) I've raced with my father-in-law a couple of times. It's a real kick in butt let me tell ya. He has four bilges running at the sametime Two for water and Two for the turds. :2purples: It is a lot of fun though. They race in three states Idaho, Oregon, and California. If you guys are ever in the neighborhood come to one of the races I'll bet you would enjoy it!!!!

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    Pheelin Phroggy
    Sweet, you guys are a special breed, as much as i enjoy catching some good air at the lake or big blue, not sure how long my I could hold the pucker factor in that narrow crap. cheers!

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    Wow,that was awesome,really like the one that recovered from ninety degree view to heaven :crossx:

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    Phat Matt
    When I lived in OR we used to go fishing in our friends sled with a big outboard pump on it. It was always fun running on the shallow river at speed. Much different than a drift boat.

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    Great Video! Are these races or just guys getting together to have fun?

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