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Thread: ok time to admit it....

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    who has a myspace profile..... I know I know its mostly kids, but I know some of you out there have one. I use one for my piercing/smoke shop as free local advertising. It have only been up a few days and it has already made me money on new customers.

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    Phat Matt
    I don't, but my work does, along with millions of other people.

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    Senior Member
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    Feb 2009
    Yup . :coffeycup:

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    me 4

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    Nope, my computer has never even BEEN to Myspace. Not planning any excursions there any time soon either.

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    Wholly shit, Look who is here
    Have not seen you around in along Time
    Hope you and the little lady are doing well

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    No thanks....I would rather play on ***boat.

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    There's nothing wrong with a myspace husband calls me a geek for having one, but I enjoy it.......almost as much as ***boat. AND I know how to post pics in comments there....haven't figured that out here yet.

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    Ive got one. Thinking about canceling. Its good for keeping in touch with friends you dont see too often now that Im getting older, but there are a shitload of people that want to be friends or im you and i have no clue who they are.

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    The Jerk
    mine. kills great time at work as well as ***boat and the 4x4 site i hang out on...

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