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Thread: Who has money to waste? :)

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    Phat Matt
    Dinner and strippers with Dennis Rodman ( QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem)

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    For the time of your life! RIGHT!

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    Side bet:
    I have $20 that if you go out partying with him you will catch a STD.
    Any takers?

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    Hell Give me 750 and I will take you to a way better party for the entire weekend

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    Will he go by himself if no one bids?

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    SCORES is now a gentel mens club?
    Fawk that, it's a trap.....sounds like Blue Oyster to me :220v: :220v:

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    Hardly Satisfied
    good luck dennis $7500.00 I don't think so

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    Can think of better ways to spend the money.

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    Can think of better ways to spend the money. directly to the strippers. :idea:

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    Do you know how many strippers I can buy for that much money??? Not to mention some Krystal, Patron (Platinum) and a stripper stage....I can even invite as many friends as I want.... :crossx:
    Rodman is outdated and overrated.

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