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Thread: The new Speedster...

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    "The world's most powerful sport boat just became even more powerful With 430 thundering horsepower at your fingertips you will be in the elite group of high performance cruisers. The quiet whine of the intercooled superchargers will remind you that you are in the fastest accelerating jet boat ever built. 0 to 40 in 4 seconds, a time to plane speed that is too fast to measure. These are the hallmarks of the Speedster 200, a legacy is being written and you have the chance to be one of the authors. There is no compromise in any part of this speed demon either, the electronic gauge package, inlet clearance system, AM/FM CD radio, adjustable swivel and forward/back seats, and the best storage arrangement ever designed! Available in either bright red or medium blue the color coordinated interior will always look fresh and undated."
    all that ....and a 59 mph top end... :220v:

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    that thing is fugly. :yuk:

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    i hate sea-poo's...

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    Bombardier sandbagged the impellers to hold back the stock speed, and holeshot.
    The Impellers are under rated, a little on the flat pitched side with some progression. Though performance is awesome.
    Aftermarket impellers have a radical progressive pitch that will raise the top speed and holeshot significantly that will set your dick straight.
    Supercharged/innercooled/closed cooling/ Elect FI.

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    I bought a 95 model brand new back then...only 85 hp per side....and it was a thrill ride....very fun boat for smooth water!

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    The new engines have instant response, no spool up time, planes below wakespeed, boat leaps outta the water like a rocketship.
    Goes to Catalina easily, and is a lot of fun in the ocean.
    Does 520 degree full speed spins, gets way way airborn jumping over swells,
    Boat is a blast.
    Has a very smooth, comfortable ride. Handling is supurb, hooks the water perfectly turns easily within it's length where ya want it to.
    Incredable, unbelievable acceleration just touching the gas.
    It's not for a milktoast family or the meek.
    When you come off idle you quickly realize you need to have a head for speed.
    The supercharged/innercooled 4 stroke engines are nice sounding, anxious and want to run. And do they ever.
    Ballast tank controls wake size superbly..
    Has cool elect remote switch that fills and empties the tank quickly from the driver seat.
    Sound system is the best sounding, most reliable I ever had on any of my boats.
    e negotiated the price to the low 30's OTD with a 4 year warranty, service, and all kinds of extras,, cover,, spare tire,, ect ect.
    Easiest to own boat I've ever had.
    We'll still be buying a new Tige' wakeboard boat, but use this for speed and ocean runs.
    Much safer, and far more fun than a PWC.
    Perfect Pass Speed control precisely controls the engines and 12 different settings - one for each rider. Awesome,precision speed. Ya just press the wakeboarders number, and the control takes over.
    Even corrects for when the skier/wakerboarder get airborn, river current speed, turns,, it is perfect.
    Made in Canada, so if you don't like them ,, take it up with Brown, leave me outta it.

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    Not So Fast
    Just another friggin PWC to clog up the water :crossx: NSF

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    all that hp and it doesnt go any where..hell my family mover has less hp and it goes the same speed..i do know that those lil boats can do some bad azz 360's on top of the water and also throw the drunk azz'z outa the boat when you yank the wheel really hard to the left(sorry tim) but that s@#t was stupid funny...lmao.nobody was hurt during that stunt...lmao

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    i don't own one but i was given a ride recently and it was a blast, it would literally jump outta the water and turn on a dime. it must not have been stock because it hit 70 in seconds! although a fun ride i would never buy one, i believe the price was around $40k and i would rather put that into a real boat. the quality wasn't very good either, the various hatches and panels all seemed to vibrate and im sure wouldn't hold up very well to the beating they take. the upholstery was very thin and the one i was in already had a couple tears.

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