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    Im going to rebuild my interior seat frames this winter and need some pictures of how to build the frames. I have the mental image but don't exactly know how to build them. Heres what my seats look like now.
    I want my back seat to look like the front seat on this boat. I like how the back of that seat has the appearance of bucket seats. For the front i want them to resemble this pattern only they would be seperates, not a bench.
    Something like this front seat as my back seat.
    And of course my favorite is this one.

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    Something along these lines?
    That's a pic Jeanyus had posted about his boat build-up......

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    kevin, my thread on the taylor site on my sj build in "underconstruction" has the pics of my seat frames i built in april 06. rob also has templates in card board for sj's too i think.

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    Tyson, ive always liked the interior in your old boat. What is the black coating on the seat frames? I tried to get to stitchcrafts web sight today and could not.

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    the pics posted of the wood frames are a pretty popular design. See that seat in a lot of Kachinas(always really nice seats in them) and I think even in that super pimp yellow/gold CP(forget his name) has a setup very similar.
    Most of the shape you see is foam and upholstery. Build those frames and talk to your interior guy(ive got the measurements for them). Show him what you like (pics) and the frames you have to work with. Ask to see some of his work(if he doesn't have a portfolio, run). If he is any good, he can make it happen with the frames posted above.

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    What's a ballpark for labor and material if you have the frames?

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