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Thread: BBC & BBF & MISC Parts Must Go!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have to clean my shop. I have waaay too much laying around. Also, Im selling a few parts off my boat.
    Rectangle port closed chambered heads, bowls blended, bronze guides, exhaust lightly touched,intake ports still virgin,springs that fit up to .615 lift,145lbs seat,manley stainless steel hardened tip/ swirl polished/ undercut/ severe duty valves/ 2.19/1.88, comp cams guide plates, arp rocker studs, heads have been milled to 108cc for high compression. These heads are 1968 and are 1 month apart (may/june). They are ready to run! I still have them on my block. The block was cracked(leaking water) so its no good. I have no use for these anymore because I am building bigger. These heads are RARE and hard to find. Not to mention that they made good power on my 461cu motor. If you are interested please pm me. I only want serious offers on these heads. I will also throw in copper head gaskets(.021 thick). Used for a season and a half...*******SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE********
    I also have closed chambered forged speed pro pistons that make 12-1 compresion@ .030 over that I will consider selling. These slugs are hung on gm rods with arp bolts. Used for a season and a half....
    Now for the other stuff.
    3 sets of BBC oval port heads(781's and 049's)$200 each
    1 set of BBC oval port heads(gen 5) complete $200
    1 BBC 4 bolt main gen 5 block(no mechanical fuel pump provision) standard/VIRGIN!!!!!!$500
    3 sets of BBF heads 2 Dove C, and the other one I 4got the casting number but they make high comp on BBF's. Doves have been ported but are bare $200 a set
    3 caddy 500 blocks,cranks,pistons,rods,cams,misc hardware(lots of parts)$500 takes it all!!!!!!!!
    1980 kona hull on tandem axle trailer with berk "E" pump. Bottom and sides are painted but top isnt finished. Great winter project. $1000
    1987 GMC suburban, 350, all power, cold a/c, rear a/c, centerline wheels, 2wd straight body and interior is decent. Truck fires up on first turn of the key, towing hitch is already installed $1800
    BBC DRY headers, short collectors, needs jet hot but in goos shape. First $200 takes them
    BBC WET headers, short collectors, same as above headers. First $200 takes them.
    All Items are priced without shipping. Pm me for more info on items.
    Thx for looking Michael

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    here are the numbers for the 1st set of heads..
    3873858....65-67...rect..CLOSED..396, 427, 109cc closed chamber

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    ttt what ya askin for the rect. port heads???

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    ttt what ya askin for the rect. port heads???
    Check your pm's

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    Check your pm's
    check yours,lol

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