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    got my project boat a few questions.looked at bottom of boat where it has sat on trailer the bottom has some warpage due to the board on trailer being warp question do i fix bottom first if so any ideals how or do i replace floor . second question on the transom where the battery was it is bad maybe six dia. can icut out bad wood and replug or do i have to replace whole transom.boat is a 19 ft taihti
    TONY C.

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    You should fix the bottom while the floor is out because you will probably need to do some laminating on the inside. You can replace just the bad part of the wood. You might be suprised though how much bigger the bad area really is underneath the fiberglass. Make sure you get rid of all the wet wood and all the blackened areas as well.

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    You probably have opened up pandoras box. Set the boat on three points. Front keel and rear back corners and start ripping out the bad wood. You will find plenty.
    Good Luck!

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