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Thread: mallory 6al box

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    i am new to all of this, v-drives and to the forms. just have a little set back with my boat my mallory box went out and was wondering if any of u guys here know of a place to take to get repaired in Fresno CA, thanks for any help.

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    your screwed, now go get an msd, they repair them for damn near nothing and you just send them in, and they get them back pretty quick. mallory is junk, thats why you are the only one with one. they only sold

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    Well thats what i tought. :cry: The junk came with the boat and i plan on geting a msd soon, hopefuly befor next summer. Thanks for the inlightment on mallory(junk).

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    I've always had great success with everything MSD I've used, from my LS1 to my boat motors. The MSD 6AL box in my boat has been going strong since 1992 and it's not even their Marine box.

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    CHeck the spam section, I think someone had a brand new MSD box forsale.
    Here ya go $200 Brand new in the box.

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    ah, i see i made a newbe move, posted in wrong form. Itsahobby, thanks for the link but i will have to pass on that good deal. when i ready to buy i'll need to go the hole nine yards and buy distributor to the box and every thing inbetween.

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    i have two msd 6Al boxes i am going to send in for repair. its good to know msd will repair them for cheap. i ended up buying the 6A and thats what i am currently running

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    don't really recommend msd marine boxes though because they are damn near impossible to fix because of some stuff called humiseal that they seal the insides with, I run a regular 6al and do everthing I can to keep it dry.

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