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Thread: Don't you just hate the waiting......

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    You know when you sell something and you have to wait for the check to clear or the loan to fund. Or you make someobody a offer and you have to wait to see what they decide to do, accept not accept? Or someone tells you about a deal and you are kinda game for it but then you don't know if your going to get it or not because the sell hasn't decided for sure what they are doing? Buying and selling is fun but man what a pain it is.......and building new boats someimes forget it, it takes forever. But there is nothing like a one off hand built boat just for you.
    Of course we all know my old boat is long paid for and down the road, this is in reference to my new boat...

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    so what did you buy? OR are U trying to be all sly and all?

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    so what did you buy? OR are U trying to be all sly and all?
    It's like escrow. You know, it's a waiting game. I have offers out there. You'll know what offers I made once one is excepted. Until then who knows what I will end up with, maybe I'll buy a DCB open bow........ naaa that ain't gonna happen. Remember I only boat with one or two other people besides me in a boat

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    STFU and speak on it

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    maybe I'll buy a DCB open bow........
    You mean the one with the HUGE stereo??? Still waiting for pics.

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    What, did Dan's check not clear escrow yet? :rollside:

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    STFU and speak on it

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    Dave C
    this must be some new and improved form of tire kicking.....

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    Good luck with the hunt Andy....don't settle cause you have a number of months before Spring rolls around....go hit the Miami show and see if that helps with your decision....nothing like going to the Miami show with a check in hand...

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