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Thread: Nestle Employee Shouts F*ck White People F*ck America, Hires Illegals

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    Wake Havasu
    Nestle Contractor Canoga Park Shouts F White People (

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    he's just a contracter hired by nestle, he will most likely not have his job tommorow morning.
    alot of contractors dont give a shit bout anything.
    look at comcast cable contractors, they love to rip holes into our million dollars homes to wire up shit jobs.

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    I would guess nestle will have a contract up for bid first thing in the morning if anyone is intrested........what a f-n ASS....

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    That was funny,
    an attempt to discredit nestle for some reason

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    what a joke. Its one thing to hire illegals but he should be slapped for putin down America.

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    Total moron. He should be beat down for those comments. Hopefully future companies will think twice about hiring him.

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    He's a dick, but I still wish he'd have shoved that air horn up that bitch's ass.

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    I can in some ways agree and in most ways disagree with him. I think the guy is an asshole for putting down the country that helped make him supposedly "rich", and saying those types of things about his own herritage. I can bet he goes home and bangs a white chick every night. But at the same time I do think alot of the people here illegally do work harder then "the whiteman". I know i wouldnt do half the sh1t that those guys do, even if you payed me 4X the amount.

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    Not So Fast
    In todays world I'm surprised a rock or something didnt find its way through his windows or worse. NSF

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    I know i wouldnt do half the sh1t that those guys do, even if you payed me 4X the amount.
    4 X 8.50/hr
    You are probably right.
    That is why schools used to issure work permits to teenagers.

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