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Thread: San Deigo Chargers

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    SD beets Indy
    Apparently, nobody's perfect. After rallying from a 16-0 deficit, the Colts saw their pursuit of history come to an end with an 83-yard TD run by Michael Turner. The Chargers, on the other hand, saw their postseason hopes brighten considerably.

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    Ralph Brunt
    i was on the edge of my seat the hole game i'm proud of my CHARGERS

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    GREAT GAME! Can you imagine if they didnt have those 14 points from Drew's turn overs.....nice to see them not totaly choke in the forth quarter.

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    al cole'holic
    ...great game for sure!!

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    Gotta hand it to the Chargers. They played great today. The only problem is my boys (Steelers) won again. Charger fans better hope the Steelers lose one of there last two games and the Chargers better win there last two.
    The Chargers got a tough next two games. In K.C. next week and at home the last week against the Broncos. The Steelers on the other hand, don't have such a tough schedule. Next week they play in Cleveland and close out the season at home against the Lions.

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    blender over
    My boys comming through

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    This game for the chargers was like whipped cream on dog shiot...
    GO BRONCOS!!!!

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    In Cleveland at the end of December is always a tough game. Definately a tough road for the Chargers though. Not looking great, as Jax closes with Houston and Tenn. Our best bet may be to catch Denver, who finish with Oakland and the Chargers.
    Yeah, I hear ya. Cleveland is a tough division rival but the Steeler defense has finally pulled there heads out of there asses and are back to playing good defense. I don't see Denver losing at home to Oakland. The Raiders are just awful.

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    How bad do you wish you could go back and play Miami again? Great win today but that dumb loss last week will probably cost you the playoffs.
    Too bad...the Chargers are a fun team to watch...

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    Old Texan
    16 games is a long season regarding the mental side. Baseball or basketball allow you to make up ground but 16 games doesn't leave much margin of error. So mentally you must be focused every week and really every play. Most times the big plays even out, it's the bad plays that hurt causing the momentum swing.
    Parity is key in the NFL. I'll be willing to bet the playoff teams aren't settled until the last couple of quarters of the last week.
    By the way good ATL-CHI game going on. Speed vs Speed.

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