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Thread: Announcement!!!!

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    It is with great pleasure that I announce that Markist and Mrs. Markist are expecting a little one on the way. The due date is June 7. The southern group are excited and can't wait to see little Markist Jr. when he enters this world of boating (no they don't know what they are having, we're just wishful thinking)
    Congradulations Mommy and Daddy Messer

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    Congratulations, Ya'll!!!
    I happy & excited for you both! :rollside: :boxed:

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    Congratulations hope its on the 9th my thats birthday

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    Wet Dream
    Who didn't see this one coming? I kinda suspected with Mrs.M's post about being a DD for the next 7 months. Congrats.

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    very just got LOTS of lifetime experiences ahead, guaranteed.

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    travis hathaway
    We look foward to introducing "the new one" to boating, camping, motorcycling, beer and a myrid of other things! Sunkisst's just know how to get er done-----------------Kathy and Travis and Bailey

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    good job mark we knew you had alittle more left in ya, but one thing i don't know if the world can handle another markist lol just kidding brother we're glad for ya'll and be safe and keep gina out of harms way that means no more boat rides for a while, how is daisey doing form james did everything go alright, i was going threw gastonia the other day bringing another boat home and was going to call you but my nextel went dead and left my chargers at home so oh well, anyway good luck with markist jr and teach him everything you know and a little that gina knows lol
    later tater
    Pro Mod

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    Jr Jetter
    Congratulations hope its on the 9th my thats birthday
    Congrats my brother and sister... Ive been biting my tongue ever since I heard the news a few weeks ago.... then the DD comment was posted..... sigh
    I hope for the original date of the 7th... as thats my b day !!! no offense Tim
    Shew.... another Markist Messer... get ready world !!!!!
    Congrats again you guys....

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    Lady Warhawk
    Congtats to ya'll. Hey Mark, are you going in the delivery room :2purples:
    Gina, hope your feeling better. Being sick is a biotch.

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