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Thread: Negative Feed Back/who Has Em?

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    i want to rant here a lil, i got a negetive feedback on e-bay & i was a buyer?
    this azzclown i bought a Jet0vator from for $288 stating it was complete & it wasnt. it was missing some thru transom parts,such as the cable clamp that goes on the back side of the transom which is a $120 part, i might add. i contacted him on a few occasions with a pic of what the part looks like & where its located on the boat he pulled this jetO off of. he has replied to me once about the piece & said he would locate it & send it to me. i replied back to him 2 times & no answer from him,he blew me off?
    i paid him his money, that day of auction end! he got his money , he should be a happy camper that he ripped me a bit & got paid! got the jetO, and left neutral feedback do with it not being complete bolt on. throw those MONSTER ROOSTER TAILS NOW! is what he said in the ad as for it being a complete jetO. NOT!
    the phucker left me negetive feedback. i have only done a few purchases on e-bay & this guy leaves me that shiat! i was notified yesterday from another e-bayer askin why i had a negative feed. i have never payed attention to mine being that i am good buyer. if im gonna want somethin i get it, not flake out,not pay,retract bid etc...... i do look @ feedback on who im buying from. now that i have some vintage items on e-bay, are my potential buyers steerin clear of me for that negative? i thought feedback is for the buyer not the seller.
    this is what another e-bayer wrote to me.
    I was looking at your feedback -SCRREW the guy who gave you negative. Screw him with $. Contact PayPal ad file a seriously different than description claim. Make something up but they will refund every dime to you. PayPay is for the buyer.
    Here is the email I sent to him.
    The feedback you left for this guy is Bullshit! He gave you neutral - OBVIOUSLY poaid you and then you screw him. Dickhead. I will generate some bids for your auctions and see how you like the negative. I was looking at an auction of his and see that you just did this out of spite. WEASEL!!! You give the rest of people on eBay (the people that don't use feedback as ransom) a bad name. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!!!!
    I don't knmow this guy nor have I ever talked to him but you are wrong!
    ******what should i do bout this? i need some input. if yall a curious, i will post the item # after a few replies

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    You can respond to the feedback he left you.
    Just put in the response that his feed back is retalatory to the one you left for getting ripped off.

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    You can respond to the feedback he left you.
    Just put in the response that his feed back is retalatory to the one you left for getting ripped off.
    i did leave one, i left this! U got my cash, i was speedy, feed back is for the buyer not the seller!
    i asked him to retract his feedback & i will retract mine.

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