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Thread: Vintage gauges for special projects

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    I'll soon begin selling vintage gauges for those projects where a modern gauge just doesn't look right. Sun Super Tach II's & SST802's, Dixco gauges, Mallory gauges, Stewart Warner...... classic stuff. I'll be building a site in the next few weeks to display and sell them, but until then, if you have something in particular you're looking for, PM me.... I may be able to help. Some will be used, some NIB, and priced according to condition..... no bidding (and getting sniped), just first come first served.

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    hey, i think that picture is too big

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    How about a tach from the mid 60's? :coffeycup v-drive

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    Tachs that are truly from the mid 60's fall into 2 categories..... cable drive and transmitter. There's a reason you see few of either around today.... transmitter type were problematic, and cable drive had a long (in many boats) cable to deal with. In the late 60's, Sun came out with a transmitter-less tach (and one of my favorites) the SST-802. A classic tach that was easy to wire, reasonably accurate, and what many feel is "THE" classic tach.
    The SST-802 (Sun Super Tach) was an 8 grand, 8 cylinder tach with adjustable pointer and could be column mounted with a chrome cup, or dash mounted.
    There are other makes of tachs in that era that are just as recognizable. Dixco (remember the "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, red white and blue tachs, or the hood mounted Dixco?) and of course, Stewart-Warner.
    It all depends on what look you want, and what style mounting. Give me a few details on what you want.

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    the boat has the aluminum tube on the deck and i want to retain that. The tach (jones) is cable driven. the cable isn't quiet but then again neither is the boat,the cable noise is just agrivating. ignition is electronic so i want something i can plug into that......v-drive

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    Your best bet is probably a 3 3/8" SW chrome bezel tach. None around right now, but I may have a line on one. A Sun Super Tach may work if you remove the bezel, but I have not done this before, so I would need to see your housing and trial fit one.
    Where are you located?

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    Good idea!! :rollside:
    I put new Stewart-Warner mechanical black-n-whites in my Howard when I did the resto, they were hard to find.

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    I live in Mission Viejo and work in Fountain Valley. I am busy today but i will take pictures tomorrow and e-mail them to you.....Ben

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