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Thread: Havasu Marina?????

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    blown dough
    Does anyone know if the marina is re-opened to boats over 24' yet? Last couple times we were out it was closed to boats over 24' because the water level was so low.

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    As of last weekend they were still restricted to 24 or under.....

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    As of Tuesday, no-go.

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    As of last weekend they were still restricted to 24 or under.....
    Ha HA :rollside:

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    Who even goes there anymore?

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    Who even goes there anymore?
    I do. I've never really had a problem with them. They tried to test me one time and once they realized my exhaust was under water they told me to have a nice day. Its a little hectic there on the busy weekends though so when that happens I go down to Cattail. I refuse to launch at windsor.

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    I go there when I'm expecting lots of wind. Windsor is a bitch when the wind is blowing, and there's pontoons sideways at the launch ramp.

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    We were going to the Marina at the beginning of last year because it is the nicest ramp in town. They tested us once and weren't too bad and said it would be logged so we never had to be tested again. Next time we go then they say that it's not on the books and we have to be tested again. To make a long story short we had to wait for them to screw around for about a half hour and they were being jerks about it and the baby is crying and so on. We even talked to the guy that tested the week before and he remembered but wouldn't do anything about it. They at least wrote on the back of the pass this time and signed it just in case. I'll never give them the chance. 100 bucks buys an annual pass for the state parks. We usually go to Windsor because it is very close to the house and the Rangers are nice and we launch and retrieve always before the crowds and don't park on the ends so we never have a problem. On holidays or extra crazy times we will just go to Cattail as we stay on that end of the lake anyway. It is great down there. The Rangers are the coolest, the ramp is nice, they give you rides on the golf cart from the ramp to the parking lot. F the Marina.

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    what happened to the boycott?

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    We launch at Windsor all the time and never had a problem except idiots that float out in the water close to the launch area.

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