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Thread: Tennessee Classic Glastron Meet

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    This was our 1st attempt at getting together for Glastron/Carlson Meet. Our original date was rained out or say Flooded out! 4 of us showed up (+ a Seebold) the weekend after at Fort Loudon Dam/Calhouns. We had a good time, but most of all planted a seed for more and larger meets to come.
    Here is a link to an album with 141 pics from our day at the lake.

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    Perfect Mixer
    I love the pics of the classic "trons". I especially like the Scimitar with the scoop. Very clean boats you all have.

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    Ray, those are some nice boats indeed. I was wondering if they were restored to that condition (gel) or if they were just kept that nice for so long. great pics. I hope you keep the gatherings up and maybe I could make it to one. Glastrons definatly have a big following, I think they have about the most clubs of all the boats out there. Post up when the meets are going on in more then just the east section. R.B.

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    I am pretty certain that the finish on the two 16s and the Scimitar are original. The CVX-18 is mine. The clearcoat was dull, so I had it clearcoated with Kemron about 6 years ago.
    Yes, there are lots of different sites. I dont make it over here to Hot Boat as often due to hanging out at the other 3 Glastron sites.
    Stopped in to check out the latest on BOTE. I think it would be awesome to show up with some Carlsons in the near future!

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