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Thread: just curious??

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    What's the ( corrected ) altitude for Phoenix for the world finals? just trying to jet the carbs..

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    Fireturd is about 1500ft, but corrected depends on the weather at the time????....

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    He is about dead on.
    Although I am going to leave my weather station on in the evening for a little while. I have never seen 400 feet during that time of year. Maybe I will here soon, as I am going to start recording the air throughout the nights.
    Morning run times usually see 2200 and 3:00 pm sessions around 3600.

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    last year the afternoon runs were between 4300 and 4550

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    Hay thanks, this helps alot! sounds like you got to speed the boat up to run there.....

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    PE 316
    I'm looking at 12 runs worth of data from the World Finals last year and I recorded conditions ranging from 1,650 to 2,950...
    (remember almost everybody will have different numbers based on their OWN measuring devices)

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