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Thread: New '07 GM Trucks

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    Got to drive one of the new '07 GMC trucks today. Looks much better than the Chevy Silverado as the Silverado rear fender lines are swept back more and the GMC is more traditional. I drove a 1500 crew cab 4x2. Very nice.

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    Nice too they did away with the tupperware around the fender/wheel wells.
    Now its a much better color match. Looks far nicer.
    Interior fit and finish is supposed to be much improved as well.
    Ya drive the D-Max or the Gas??

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    Was just the small block v8 but the ride was REALLY smooth even though it had the 20 inch wheels. I would have possibly been serious about it as it had everything I want EXCEPT 4x4. This was in Houston and they don't sell a whole lot of 4x4s and all of the Yukons were 4x2 except the Denalis.
    I saw no 3/4 tons on the lot. Did not even ask about them but I think I heard they will not be available for a couple months.

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    Ocean launching, and pulling heavy junk across the sand dunes, 4X4 is a necessity on trucks we get.
    Almost 100k on our GMC with narely a problem.
    Jay mentioned a super smallblock with murderous horsepower, did you see any of those?

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    Did not pay attention to the hp. It was a 5.3 and I think I heard they are up to about 315hp. Think I also heard of a 6.0 or 6.2 that was over 360hp that will be available. Where I live 4x4 is a must even though the boat is too big to tow at 23,000lbs. and too wide at 14' I do have a Whaler that I tow twice a year to and from the boat club. Guess that and the fact I drive a little over 40,000 miles a year is why I traded my Tahoe for a Honda Pilot. Actually a nice vehicle. Just not much fun.

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