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Thread: SEMA. Whos going?

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    I will be there on Tues and maybe Wed. Im not real hot on going because its so fricken crazy, but there is usually somthing there I get to see that makes it worth while.
    See ya there.

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    Big Kahunaa
    i'll be there

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    If you can get into the various exibitors hospitality suites,, then the show is really excellent.
    I usually go with a friend that has a lot of juice in the industry and we hit all the Hospitality rooms.
    Dupont is a good one, usually the best, as is Glasurit, Bosch and a few others.
    Entertainment, really good food, quality gifts,, open bars.

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    I got my tickets in the mail today.

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    ill be there on tuesday and wednesday staying at the rio. how do you get into those good suites? what is the best halloween party to go to?

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    Flying into Henderson Exec on Wednesday, in the AM. Will check-in and probably browse a little but leave early. Full day Thursday, flying back home Friday. Staying at BB's in Primm.

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    I was, and now I am not. :cry:

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    I'll be there tuesday wedensday and thurs. Will be working the Sure-Fit Truck Racks Booth Hopfully setting up some new dealers.

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    Never been and have always wanted to go. Guess need to get friendly with someone in the automotive business.

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    I will be there Thursday, Friday and leaving Saturday. Can't wait :crossx:
    I go every year.

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