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Thread: Wanted...samurai or or jeep

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    im looking for a samurai or jeep in the 5k range. if anyone knows of one in good shape please let me know. thanks

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    i got one for ya, pm sent :rollside:

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    PM Riverliver on here, he has a super clean one.

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    PM Riverliver on here, he has a super clean one.
    thanks guys. i will pm riverliver.
    my email is

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    '94 Wrangler, white, 84K, 3.5" lift, black steelies & 31x10.50, soft top, safari top, rear seat, grey interior, bumpers, hitch, 4.0 HO straight 6, 5sp, runs like a raped goat. No Pralungs;
    was asking 7k, down to 6.5k.........let's talk.
    (posted for a friend)
    boatnam2 is a queer

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