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Thread: BBC Oil Pan

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    Fired Up
    I'm looking for a v-drive oil pan for my flatbottom. Prefer a 9qt.+ Milodon type with the tray in the pan or I'll have to stud the mains. Anyone have a good used one lying around at a decent price? (mark IV)

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    give phil bergeron a call , he has a few oil pans.

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    76 sanger hydro
    call mikes marine in dixon cal. they had a few great used ones for cheap i got one

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    So are you saying that I will need a new oil pan when transplanting my bbc from my jet application over to my V-drive, and if so why, does it have to do with the alignment of the motor or is it just because it's a flattie and doesn't have enough room for the bigger pans. Or are you talking about something different.
    I'm new with V-drives can you tell.

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    Pklfrk the motor is backwards from a jet. It's not for lack of room in a flat/v-drive the oil gets pushed away from the pickup under acceleration.

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    So they have a special oil pan that keeps the oil up in front? I need one also then.

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    Fired Up
    I've tried calling Mikes Marine, but keep getting a recording. How do I get in touch with Phil Bergeron? Thanks....

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    fired up, i might have a pan off my race motor it's a stephs i had a guy looking at it but no cash yet i will call him and let you know what's up. if your going to bakersfield on march 2nd i could bring it if it works out.

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    The phone number for Bergeron is (480) 834-1531. They're closed on Mondays I believe.

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    030, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 470 ci program? What are you racing this year?

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