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Thread: bye bye SD hello SF

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    looks like Bruce Bochy is gonna be the skipper of the Giants

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    Damn, that has to suck for SD fans, Bochy is one hell of a manager. On the bright side, SF fans are digging it.

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    Lots of sentiment I'm hearing........yes Boch has been liked but many think it was time for him to move on......
    I have mixed feelings about it.

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    Caribbean Jet
    He had a year left on his contract, I can't believe that they let him talk to SF or anyone else in the West.
    That Sucks!

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    That came out of left field. (pun intended)

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    NorCal Gameshow
    Go Dodgers... :crossx:

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    Go Dodgers... :crossx:
    GO GIANTS!!!!!!
    Maybe one day.........

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