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Thread: Rondane

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    I post this to help someone outIt will lift the nose of the boat and free up the hull so not as much boat will be in the water. Get a hydraulic diverter, i love mine.
    And i get pm'd this bs. What an A hole. Resembles the writing of our past buddy Chet. Can't help but think he is the same guy.
    geesh i see your infomative spam post and found that jetboatperformance has diverters cheaper than hi tech........and even CP performance for that matter.... Did you want to give this guy some GOOD information or just give yourself some brownie points in the HOPE of saving some money on your next purchase? I mean what is your point?
    maybe you should upgrade your awareness level cuz it fails miserably.... then again maybe your just a bad drunk or something?
    One thing you should do is get a life.
    I gonna refrain from replying to your stupidity cause unlike you, i have a life. BTW, what post are you talking about?
    hmmm....stupidy is spamming a shop over and over for NO reason other than to maybe get a freebee once in a while. In this case though, there is and will never be any freebies to be had ie. STUPID much less having a signature line such as yours. Rooster tail courtesy of hi is that? Does he wisper how nice your voice sounds on the phone when you order parts??? Do you work there or something? If it's anything else it's just sickness. I could see if he gave you free shit for the PROMOTION but you can clearly see that is not the case. The real STUPID thing is though, you do it so much you forgot what post it is. This is a public message board in case you forgot, not a spam circus for ones personal gain.
    Having a life is less than 1000posts on a forum....hmmmm got alot of time on your hands dont ya???????????????????????

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    Damn, and winter isnt even in full swing yet. LOL

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    yep , seems to be a negative person from most of the posts i've read of his.
    guys understand something: we in the central states and south are closer to duane at hi-tech than cp or the other companies. i'm sure they serve you guys well, but if you'll notice, most guys are loyal to their closet supplier with good service. in mine and kevin's case, duane at hi-tech gives us the best service, pricin(shipping is cheaper for shorter distance), and tech support, plus we all run into each other on occasions. doubt i'll ever run into the owner of cp or jetboatperformance while at my local area races, but i've watched many boats make it to the finish line 1st around here with hi-techperformance decals all over them, and if i'm jumping on the band wagon by cheerleading for hi-tech occasionally and someone has a prob with it, then __ck you!
    squirt, i can see how it might have came across that way, so i corrected myself.

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    Yeah that original post from Taylorman was a post to help me out.
    I see absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of the dealers that supply you with your boat toys. If Taylorman is promoting the supplier he goes through, obviously he's had great experience with them. Otherwise he'd be bashing High Tech Performance and telling people NOT to deal with them.

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    Kevin, didn't your mom ever tell you not to pick at a scab?
    .....west coast guys, understand something: we in the central states and south are closer to duane at hi-tech than cp or the other companies.......
    Hey now, sounds like you are trying to blame the West Coast for this "Rondane" character and his problems. If he is who people think, then the "West Coast" is pretty much the wrong side of the continent. He is closer to you than to those of us out west. :yuk: :rollside:
    You may not realize it, but there is actually a big difference between Hi-Tech and CP Performance. Hi-Tech is a shop that builds, sells and services boats and parts. CP is really just a parts house. They don't have a "Duane" with decades of hands on experience in jet boats owning the place AND working on this stuff day in and day out. I think most anyone who has had any dealings with Duane has nothing but repect for him and his work.

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    Yea, if I remember dear Ronco right, OHIO is where he calls home. I wonder when he'll start pushing DPS as the ONLY GOOD pump shop in the civilized world again.
    Maybe the new opperators aren't giving Ronco the freebies Don used to.
    Just don't ask ronnie about that PLASTIC wear ring Duane invented. He still can't figure out how that piece of trash works. (I run a UWR and love it)
    DPS removes every one they ever find. :crossx:

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    Hey Taylorman, I got the same sort of response from Rondane about an UWR post I did a while back. I am from the East Cost (Connecticut). Yes we have lakes here. All I can say what a cawk he is.

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    nah, didn't mean it that way squirt. just trying to explain why some peeps from my neck-o-woods are loyal to hi-tech. not trying to blame the west coast crew for anything, was just explaining my position on the subject.people are loyal to what they see work 1st hand, just so happens there's alot of hi-tech parts floating on my area lakes, ya know what i'm sayin.

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    Ken F
    Good ol Rogain sends me those from time to time also. I've just started deleting them without even opening them. Same ol stuff all the time.
    Ken F

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    Good ol Rogain sends me those from time to time also. I've just started deleting them without even opening them. Same ol stuff all the time.
    Ken F
    So how is it YOU get free stuff from Duane & i don't? I gues you spend more than I do (kinda like "frequent buyer dollars")?????

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