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Thread: TPI 1000HP Shortblock/Longblock NEW

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    This is essentally a TPI 1000 efi Longblock(currently unassembled).
    Here is what is for sale:
    Dart Big M Tall deck (Machined and ready to assemble)
    4.25" Callies Magnum Series Crankshaft
    Manley Pro I Beam racing Rods 6.535
    J&E Forged Pistons/Rings 8:1 Compression
    Fully Polished Dart 335 CNC Pro 1 Heads(Complete)
    Here are some other available parts if you need them:
    ARP Head Bolts
    Cometic Head gaskets
    Clevite Bearings
    Manley push Rods
    Crane Tapered gold racing rockers
    Crane 1000-1200hp hydraulic roller cam
    Crane hydraulic roller lifters
    Crane Cam Button/Bolts
    GM Performance Chrome T/C cover w/ss allen fasteners
    This package can be set up a bunch of different ways:
    Assembled/Unassembled/Longblock or Shortblock, ect.........................
    I do not want to part this out. These are brand new components and they are ready to be cleaned and assembled. For you do it yourselfers, I would be happy to assist you in any way I can if you feel motivated enough to do the assembly yourself. For others, If you would like to have this motor built complete with 140ax Whipple quad-rotors,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I can do that too. Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Gary
    (805)480-2693 or

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    Bobby Knight
    what are you asking for long block parts unassembled, and how much for the additional parts as a complete package? How much time is on all parts? Thanks, Steve

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    These parts are brand spanking new. No time on the parts at all. I will come up wth some $$$ numbers.

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    Here is the breakdown:
    Dart Tall deck block(honed/decked, tanked, cam bearings installed
    Callies Magnum Series Crank(balanced internally with heavy metal)
    Manley 6.535 Pro I beam racing rods(pin fit to .001 and ready to run)
    J&E 8:1 Pistons/rings and Pins
    Fully polished Dart CNC Pro 1 heads with inconel valves, set up for HR cam. Complete with guide plates and studs!
    Total $10,900.00 Parts only
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    All other accessories listed will be an additional $1950.00

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    Still available,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Feel free to Price out the exact same parts, machined and ready to assemble, as you might be surprised. This is a solid combination that I will stand behind. I have tested this combination at over 1200 HP without a glitch. BUY AMERICAN! :crossx: I will be assembling this motor on 11/5/06. Thanks

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    This motor is now being assembled as a longblock. For interested parties, the efi options for this motor are on 91 octane are:
    Single Whipple 200ax approx 900hp
    Whipple 140ax quad rotor approx 1075 hp
    New Whipple w305 single approx 1100+hp(coming soon)
    It will sit here assembled as a complete longblock until purchased or until I decide how I want to set it up(2007 w305 efi hint hint) :crossx:

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    I have NOT had a chance to start assembling this motor yet. I have everything to put it together! Back up to my door and I will help you load up a great/fun project. Alll of the hard work is done. Come one/Come all!!!!!
    Short or longblock

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