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Thread: BMW 3 series coupe-cabrio

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    Tom Brown
    It looks good.
    Has anyone heard any details? Will it be an M3 model? Ziggy?,10114,5284029,00.jpg

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    I wonder if the twin turbo model will give the M a run for its money

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    I thought the new M was the twin turbo. No? Twin turbo is the standard issue? I'm confused.
    hard top cabrio----sweet!

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    Yeah, the 3 comes in a twin turbo model, I think its only 300 HP though... its only like 70+ over stock, probably lots of torque with in I6 with twin hairdryers. The M still has more hp than the TT 3.
    Moded out, I bet that TT 3 series will be a MONSTER !!

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    One Particular Harbor
    BMW lists the 335i as producing 300 hp, but speculation is that they are under-representing its actual horsepower. Car & Driver timed it at 4.8 second, 0 - 60, and a number of chip-makers are claiming they can produce an additional 75hp out of this motor.
    It's not an M-series and doesn't have the same aggressive suspension and brakes, but it does move.

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