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Thread: Modesto Res 10/28 or 10/29

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    Anyone going out to Modesto Res this weekend. The weather is holding up nice, gotta get one more weekend run before I put it away for winter.

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    What day are you going, I wouldn't mind taking out the Mach 1 for a run.

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    William, this time get it on video.

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    Look's like I will be there Sunday about 9 am. Last time I just hung out by the back boat ramp and went for an run now and then. My boat is not as Fast as some ,But I sure love it!

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    William, this time get it on video.
    If I go, I am just going to try out a hardware change or two, no high speed runs this weekend.
    I want to make a couple of small changes to the hardware and do some testing over the next couple of outings.
    I thought that I would be satisfied with breaking the 150 MPH mark, but I am not, this boat has so much more potential.

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