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    gotta love it....after all the trashing of us the french they are having riots by their muslim sectors.....welcome to the war on terror......

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    centerhill condor
    the French don't get it yet...they still think more easy money will fix their problem. Sending police officers to fight snipers is a death sentence.
    They've been down this road several times in the past 1000 years and have learned nothing.
    Nuclear power too..this is not good.
    maybe the UN will save france?

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    Old Texan
    I've never pictured Europe as a Muslim "state", but it's happening. The French in particular have proven throughout history they can't defend their own soil and here they go again. "Le Liberale"
    What's happening in Europe is beginning here I believe. Let's hope WE wake up in time to stop it. Ask the man on the street what "Jihad" is about and the answers will scare you.
    Australia is the only "Western" nation so far that gets it. Throw the jihad supporting clerics out.

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