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Thread: Steering attachment to Berkley JC

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    New guy here. Been restoring an old Marlin with 455 Olds. Almost done and I am trying to figure out how the steering shaft attaches to the tiller arm on the Jet Drive. Is there a special bolt set up to allow pivoting or ??? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Not sure if this is what your looking for but rexmarine sells a swivel...

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    Yes...the steering shaft is attached to the tiller via a bolt. Obviously you don't want to tighten it all the way down. Tighten it just enough for the shaft to spin freely on the bolt, but not so loose that you have a lot of play in it either.
    BTW...I'm also a newbie rebuilding an old Marlin with an Olds 455.
    Hit me up and maybe we'll share pics/ideas.

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    if you want to send me a pic of the back of you boat ,i can tell you just what you need to do, or get,, if you want the help,! :220v:

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    centerhill condor
    does this help?
    Like the other guy said...not too tight.

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    Tks.. I appreciate the help.
    BTW, I just got my 455 put together using most of the techniques described in the Practical Olds ***boat magazine article. I attached a pic of my Marlin, it is just after it got painted.

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