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Thread: engine builder in fresno

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    I looking for a engine builder if the fresno ca area thats resonable but good I have an olds 455 I just want it rebuilt to stock specs. thanks

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    Boghosian Racing Engines is located in Fresno, top notch shop.

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    I'm in the Fresno area. I'm not an 'engine builder' per se, but I do rebuild engines. I've got my Olds 455 on the stand as we speak awaiting reassembly.
    I had Engine Masters do all my machine work, and they gave me the parts to build a marine 455 that they've built for a lot of boaters and they've all been happy with it. It involves going with .020 over pistons, a "W-30" cam, oil restricted cam bearings(to prevent all the oil getting thrown up in the heads at higher RPMs) and a high flow oil pump, along with a double roller timing chain.
    PM me if you're interested. I also overhaul jet pumps as well.

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    Give Doug Rylie a call Tell him Billy sent you . He is rebuilding my 454 chevy and did a buddy's 455. He builds a lot of marine engines and knows what he is doing . He will hook you up. His number is 559-454-0500

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    Look for dave Smith in Exeter. He is a thorn in mondellos side..v-drive

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    Look for dave Smith in Exeter. He is a thorn in mondellos side..v-drive
    Its not nice to fool with father time!!..........MP

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    Thanks for all of the info guys it will help a lot

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