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Thread: Pneumatic vdrive down plate systems

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    I understand that there were some pictures posted and discussion about the pneumatic down plate system in my 81 Cole several weeks ago. Sorry that I missed the discussion, however, up to last Saturday, application of the system was limited to test passes made in private.
    Last Friday and Saturday we went under the microscope (really appreciate their concern for safety) of the NJBA before they allowed me to run. First pass I was allowed was a 1/4 pass, which set a new low personal first for me at 29 MPH in 16 seconds. Second pass of the day the system was run conservitive at 129+ MPH in 8.4 seconds. Sunday we re-tweeked the pressures and bleed off valve on up pedal, and gave the system a hard pass at 137-MPH at 8.05 seconds, with a back up run later at 8.06 seconds at 136.6 MPH. The system worked exactly as engineered at my facility (Machine Automation Systems), and the boat which is new to me took a great set and ran dead straight.
    We have the plates set conservatively (flush with the hull, no up), and are running a 439 inch BBC on alky. Blower boost is only 12 lbs, so we hope to see a lot of life out of this combination.
    Boat is named after my wife "Butterfly", and will get no more horsepower, as I promised to stop with final tuning as it is.
    Our 75 Hondo will be campaigning a full hydraulic cavitation plate system sometime next summer, including hydraulics to the in/out of the vdrive.
    Be glad to answer any technical questions. Denis

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    I must of missed that thread. I'm very interested in an air assist for my B boat. Do you have any brouchers?

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    As a machinist and gearhead I was impressed and intrigued at your system.
    I figured by the labeling I gathered what the function was, but I thought it was a cool setup.

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    so does the system work like an over ride to assit the peddles or is it indepent,how fast does it react to changing water condition?

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    Your boat was discussed in the last pages of the thread at the top of
    V-drives titled:
    "Wild V drives"

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    Fired Up
    Vdrive denis,
    I heard about your new design, although I did not see it personally at the races. What are your subjective feelings on the system? I know there are alot of curious boaters out there that want to know details.

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    Thank you all for the positive response. The first system I made two years ago was a down assist only, with a timer set against a wide open throttle switch to release the cylinder, and I controlled the pedal coming up. This could be over ridden. Since that time I have had both hips and my left knee replaced. I have excellent joint strength, but the range of motion in my knee is gone-hence-I cannot do a full push on a standard down plate pedal. The current system is 100% pneumatic, powered by two 2 1/2 lb C02 bottles (1 redundant) with 155 lb C02 regulators, then flow into up and down pedal regulators. The cylinder is a 2 1/2" Bimba, with a 4" stroke, which we have collared down to 3" of stroke. The pedal acuates an up and down valve, which are mounted in such a fashion that there is positive pressure on both sides of the cylinder piston at all times. Air is bled from the cylinder for movement. The down side of the system is that the pedal only moves 3", which is tought to get used to. Current pressure is set at 140 PSI which delivers 644 lbs of pull on the rod. We can change C02 regulators to 200 psi if needed, as the components of the system are rated to 250 psi and increase the total pull to 920 lbs if desired. This system if great for drag racing, as you are on or off of the pedal, but for lake racing or crusing the hydraulic system is going to be much better (no bottles to fill) We have done all of the research on that system and may market it upon completion of testing. The system will betuned to the driver. The prints I have on the current system are on large drafting paper, but I would be happy to let anyone know how it is built if they give me a call. I will get a list of the components together and try to get some photos asap. Thanks for the interest!
    Denis (831) 818-5582 Cell

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    Purdy Cool.....

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    Bobby Knight
    your dedication and inspiration to stay w/ your hobby are incredible. Your ingenuity and development are awesome. Nice Job. Very impressive, Steve

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    Denis, That's cool you have found a way to over come your disability, and stay with the sport. What happens if the system totally fails? Do you have any control over the plates? Is there a spring in the system? I'm a little concerned with the plastic air lines as they have a very low melting point in a fire. I have seen them melt in temperatures below 200 degrees. We all know CO2 and fire don't mix. I'm not trying to criticize your work just trying to keep it safe. One other thing where your throttle return spring is, if that one little 10/32 bolt fails your spring and throttle cable comes off the injection and the engine will go wide open. I like to hook the return spring to a separate mounting point other then where the cable hooks to. Just my .02

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