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Thread: Oregon Sunshine takin out the Cole cruiser

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    Could not resisist to leave work early and make a couple pass down the columbia a nice 60 degree day sun outs and very light wind, waters a little brisk ,about a 4 to 6 inch chop ,the boat likes that better than compleatly flat water more stable at speed.Have about 4 hours on the boat since I had the motor freshened up first outting was labor day week end ,went to John day for the weekend had some minor issues with the water going evenly through both headers got that fixed finely .Now I can start laying the wood to it and get use to the boat (my first v-drive).Like everybody I searching for that 100mph mark.
    so I have to get the correct set up.So far 89 mph on a hand held gps. :rollside:

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    Keep us your boat..

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