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Thread: Clown Royal's New F32

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    Well, we had so much damn fun breaking in the new F32 DCB here in Havasu today, that I forgot to get pictures of it.
    This boat flat lays it down. The acceleration from 80 - 120 is unreal. Those Merc 700's and the NX drive's really fit nicely in this boat. Clowns boat is hitting the rev limiters with a lot more room to go. I think he will remove the 34 props, and put the 5 blade 37 props on for tomorrow.
    I rolled around in Clown's boat looking at every piece of rigging. DCB must have left out, or ran out of the zip ties, because this thing is rigged extremely nice.
    I will save rest of the information for Clown to share with us.

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    Sounds like an amazing combo...

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    roln 20s
    I can't wait to see this boat-- Congrats Mike on one bad ass machine. I think you have the best, most reliable, bullet proof package F32 ever built You are roln my dream boat - enjoy!
    Is Jeff back from Mexico yet?
    Roln 20s

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    BOAT IS VERY SICK, Saw it and WOW.
    Talk about a change, from a F26 to a F32..
    Congrats very clean looking boat

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    I saw the boat on Thursday @ DCB. Boat looks real clean. The drives look awesome. They look exactly like a six, only smaller. I saw the boat again today heading down to Windsor at approx 12:00. It was a perfect day for boating. 75 degrees with very little wind. Should see some nice numbers today. :boxed:

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    Thanks for sharing the pics and I'm glad we could help out. Those last minute revisions worked out very well. We hope you are as pleased with the graphics as we are.
    RARE Koncepts

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    Sweet boat!!! What are getting for numbers?

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    CR.....very nice setup..... ....saw it yesterday heading up 95 in Parker.

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