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Thread: Cards World Champs

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    Congratulations to them
    Don't think to many expected them to handle the Tigers like this

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    Way ta go....!! I'm happy for Eck as well.....brand new Z06.....

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    Words you'll never hear in Phoenix.

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    Congrats to the Cards, glad for a few players on there team. And I am sad for some players on the Tigers team.

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    Old Texan
    Cardinals played great and deserve the win. The young Tigers weren't up to the pressure and made to many errors and msitakes.
    Good to see a guy like Jeff Weaver find his slider and finally live up to what people have always expected from him.
    Eckstein is one of those overachievers that gets under the opposition's skin. He got the hits but should share the prize on weekends with the
    Tiger fielders that fell down and threw the ball away "helping" him out.

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