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Thread: 460 Woe's

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    Well... As much as I hate to do this... I think I need help :cry:
    I have rebuilt a 460 and think I need someone who really knows what they are doing with engines to help me out. I will gladly supply all the beer you care to drink, and an earfull of stories, :rollside: here in San Diego to help me complete my "project." I really don't know anyone here with more engine knowledge than me (Which basicly means I dont know anyone) but I've managed to get this motor close to completion. So in my desperate cry for help if anyone feels compelled to make a new acquaintance, and get Newb closer to the river, shoot me a PM. Thanks. -Xbow

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    Post this in gear heads, if it's a jet post it in just jets.....
    Lotsa good people here that can help you out. I'm just a dumbass Texan, no help there..... :crossx:

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    I wouldn't mind helping, but I'm north of rrrr, so no hands-on help coming from me either. Post it where rrrr said to and you'll find a local or 6.

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    Oh, and for God's sake put a new steering cable on it. :crossx:

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    Why? That might just SINK HIS BOAT! :crossx: :crossx:
    Then he'd have to start a thread about it.

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    Thanks for advice Reposted in Just Jets. Included a couple pics.

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