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Thread: Paging blowncarrera

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    Hey Ken that's a nice write up on your boat in Hot Boat Magazine. Yes they have a magazine Not bad for a grocery getter

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    Robbie Racer
    Way to go Ken. Nice write up.

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    So how much did you pay them to put your sled in the mag.?
    J/K thats cool

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    Its not how much did you have to pay but who did you have to blow. I like at the end of the article how you say you boat in the Delta, Havasu, Berryessa and couldn't even give Pastie Cove an honorable mention? That grocery getter has been in P.C. way more times than Havasu. If it sounds like I'm hating on you its because I'm sooo fricken jealous....Nice layout.

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    Nice Spread, N-shit see you on the water.

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    thanks guys, nice to have some norcal representation........ Hey Grads I guess they are working their way up from the bottom ,,, from grocery getter up to KING ... :eat:

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    I still haven't gotten my ***boat mag this month. I think the mail man stole it again. :220v:
    very nice layout though. Too bad you didn't have your woman of the week with you in the pic.

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    maybe my woman of the week was there and thats why your wife stole the ***boat maq from this month :yuk: :rollside: j/k

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    Way ta go Ken!

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