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Thread: We Will Be There

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    hi everyone..looking forward to lake anna in June. We also enjoyed the company, great people, And no gators :boxed: Randy and I and friends looking forward to seeing you all again

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    oh randy have you been working on my bag just kidding buddy get all the boats you can come on to anna looking forward to hanging with you guys again talk to ya later

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    at lest next yr you know you will have a nice time. You know more people then the first trip. We don't bit as hard as the gators.

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    hey Mike great hearing from you....we'll see you all in june..let me know the colors of the boats for the bags...thanks all for responding to us looking very much forward to seeing you all again..our group of jets are growing the caravan to lake anna is getting larger... :rollside: keep in touch Randy and Pat

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    randy mine is black with silver metal flake and bucks is yellow with brown metal flake so randy how are things going in florida doing any changes to the boat this winter how many boats you guys bringing next time man i cant wait ok randy talk to ya soon mike

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