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Thread: insane hillclimb

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    check this out it is unbelievable recovery

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    check this out it is unbelievable recovery
    Do ya think the guy said something like..........."I ment to do that....." :idea:

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    He's either a very good driver or very lucky.

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    Pretty wild and crazy

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    Damn good driver. As soon as the truck came back wheels were cut and on the throttle.

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    He's either a very good driver or very lucky.
    I say lucky....if he was a good driver, he never would have rolled that thing....he took a really bad line at the top.....which is why he rolled on his side...... :cry:
    I think this video has been on Hot Boat about 10's still fun to watch! :rollside:

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    That was luck....

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    i think that may have happened to him before

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    That was crazy....hill climbs in the sand are always hairy

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