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Thread: keep your hands off the rhino roll bar when rolling

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    A friend of mine was driving his rhino around the block when suddenly he spins wildly out of control. He sticks his hand out of the roll bar and tears the hell out of his left hand...smashed two of his fingers flat....
    keep your hands off the rhino roll bar when rolling
    truth be known...a bluehair cut him off at a dead end on his street(challenger) so it was either take evasive action or else...\
    and the bitch didnt even stop...
    he called me on the cell with his other hand...he ended up getting airshipped
    to vegas....he'll be okay. but as for the rhino......
    more pics to follow

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    gee thanks for the advice. wish your buddy a speedy recovery

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    Wrists restraints are sounding like a good idea to me right now.

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    dont own a rhino and have never driven one before,but evertime i see one i tell myself first thing i would put on is a window/door net.

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    A set of sprint car style arm restraints...would fix that....
    You don't lose any range of motion,and they will keep you're arms from flailing outside of the cage...

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    thats gotta hurt.. hope he gets some good pain meds. i saw a guy at el mirage back in the late 70's lose an arm rolling a buggy.

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    Looks like those roll cages are pretty good at messing things up!
    Might want to add some "Oh Shit" grab handles to those cages.
    Kinda reminds me of those famous last words.....Hold my beer and watch this. :220v:
    Damn that's gotta hurt. Get well.

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    that thread needs a warning. that made me feel faint..... :squiggle:

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    i only see 3 of 5 digits, where are the others ??? :cry:
    Dean I think his other digits are there but being this is ***boat hes giving the shocker.........

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