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Thread: Catalina Pics from 10-28

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    Just an awesome run over and back. Water was just about perfect, especially coming back. The dolphins were running next to us and I did my best witht he camera but it is very hard to get that damn digital camera to click when you want. Ended the day going to LB (Yardhouse) for some food and a run back down the coast with the sun going down.
    Great day

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    Looks like a good time Tom. Glad to see your lady friends have some class (drinking CL's instead of BL's)

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    looks like fun....

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    Not So Fast
    Nice!! Good weather too, hard to beat that. It always amazed me that the color of the ocean water is so different that of lakes. I agree about the damn digital cameras, hard to do any action shots for me with all the previewing of the last shot and auto focus. NSF

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    monkey rage frank
    Hey Tom, Looks like fun. I once rode a Sea Doo over to Catalina, it was awesome. I wish I had a boat to run over, prob. much more comfortable.

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    sweeet pictures tom.. looks liek you guys had a great trip!

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