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Thread: idler bracket

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    Big Boys Toy PE857
    Anyone have any experience running a snout mounted idler bracket. Going on a 505 BBC, 8-71, alc. inj. guessing about 800 hp at no more than 6500 rpm. Lake jet boat. Think it will hold up?

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    Been running one for many years with no problems at all.

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    I heard they give a little under hard acceleration. Only what I have heard and is probably only worth an opinion. I lost a couple belts from a more flimsy style idler set-up before I switched to a unit off the WW2 machine. No problems since.

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    I would wonder if it makes any difference running the belt to the inside of the idler pulley or the outside, as far as the belt jumping. If it gives running on the outside of the belt it could make less of a difference.

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